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george walker bush. mitt romney with 60% of the white vote in the country is defeated pretty resoundingly. in the 2004 bush campaign we received 44% of the latino vote. we were having discussions in the white house in 2005 that we were were able to get majority status with latino voters in the country. if you look at the election results you can really see the republican party throwing down the graphic in the country paying off. and so, when we look at it as a party and we look at the demographic changes in the country in the mountain west. we also give consideration that some of the fastest-growing latino populations came from north carolina and not necessarily the southwest border states and states in the rocky mountain west. we have now given up as republicans five u.s. senate seats in two elections because the nominees in those seats were unqualified to serve in the united states senate from an intellectual and knowledge level and from a social extremism level. their candidacies were rejected not just by swing voters, but by a lot of republican voters as well. if you look now at the
in los angeles. let me start tonight with this. we know how mitt romney is without a script the words that come in to his head like the 47% stuff that came out in may is bad. his default switch says blame the little guy, call him a parasite. gifts, that's what the little guy wants. the older person, the hard up youth, pay up, scratch, cross their palms and they will pull the lever for you. cash and carry. smart conservatives know this is no way to treat a potential voter. it was put this way in the "new york post." romney didn't say the election came out as it did because obama's team outplayed and outfoxed his. he should have because that's the truth. he said obama won the second term through essentially bribery. i have three rules for both parties as they converge to do their jobs. respect the vote are. respect each other's offices and search hard for common ground. that's what we should be doing and guiding our country's conversation. not trashing the people who voted against you but respecting the fact that they did for your own good. washington bureau chief from mother jones and
that people voted for obama over romney was that they were concerned about climate change and they felt he was a better candidate on climate change. we had a terrible, terrible candidate on climate change and we had a candidate on climate change who needs a lot of pressure. so i feel more optimistic than i did in 2008 because in 2008 the attitude of the environmental movement was our guy just got in and we need to support him and he's going to give us the legislation that we want and we'll take his advice and we're going to be good little soldiers and now maybe i'm being overly optimistic, but i think people learn the lesson of the past four years and people now understand that what obama needs and what we need, forget what obama needs is a real independent movement with climate change at its center and it will put pressure the entire political class and there's no waiting around for obama to do it for you. >> why would you think that the next four years of a lame duck president would be more successful from your standpoint than the first four years when he's looking for reelection? >> wel
and mitt romney giving the president a hard time for political reasons or the big one this week, personal reasons? is this persona chris: welcome back. this week the two presidential rivals barack obama defeat have had been highly critical of him. mitt romney told his supporters he lost because obama gave, quote, gifts, close quote to his base and john mccain continued to speak bitterly about the president and attacks at benghazi. the big question is this politics on the part of mccain or personal, dan rather? >> personal. >> politics. >> romney personal, mccain political. >> i think it's personal. a lot of people don't like this president, and i think that's the case here. chris: ok. thanks for a great roundtable. i agree. dan rather, katty kay, jodi kantor for "the new york times" and sam donaldson. that's the show. thanks for watching. hope you and your family have much to be grateful for. see you back here
, is there a deal in the works? mitt romney explains why he lost . >> the president's campaign was focused on his base coalition, giving extraordinary gifts from the government, working aggressively to turn them out to vote. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i just don't know where to begin this week. do we talk about republican charges of a cover-up with regard to the fatal attack in benghazi? do we talk about sexual liaisons and e-mails and national security? to talk about israel and gaza. the possibility of a deal to avoid going off the fiscal clf? let's art th the sex. [laughter] general david petraeus had an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell, a married mother of two pit talk about unlimited access. general petraeus was set to testify as we were recording this program, so we don't know what he said yet. >> we are safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. my main hope right now is that he and his family are able to move on, and that this ends up being a single side note on what has otherwise been an extraordinary career. >> ordinary car
done? talks start on how to avoid the fiscal cliff, as mitt romney draws fire from fellow republicans by accusing the president of doling out, quote, gifts to minority groups in exchange for their vote. what's the fallout and the future of the gop? with us, tea-party backed congressman raul labrador, tom friedman, former white house chief of staff for bill clinton john podesta, republican strategist mike murphy, and nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >>> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> good sunday morning. with the president's national security team under fire over the petraeus resignation and the benghazi attacks, the president arrived on the world stage this morning for a summit in east asia, and he's got new worries on his mind about the prospect of a war in the middle east as israel and palestinian militants get closer to the brink this weekend. israel expanding its air assault against hamas and palestinian militants continuing to fire rockets into ci
and beginning to work through this process. >> as the fiscal cliff looms, is deal in the works? mitt romney explains why he .ost >> the president's campaign was certain membersrs of his collision, give them extraordinary financial gifts , and workovernment very aggressivelely to turn them vote.e. captioned by thehe national captioning institut >> i just don't ow where to begin this week. we talk about republicacan charges of a cover-up with regard to the fatatal attack in benghazi? do we talk about sexual liaison and national security? about israel dealza, possibility of a a the fiscal cliff? let's starwith the sex. [laughter] the d director of the cia resigs fbi uncovers e-mails revealing that general david extramaritalan with s biographer, broadwewell, a married moer of two. about unlimited access. general petraeus was set to testifabout the benghazi hearings, as we were recording program, so we don't know -- yet.saiget >> we are safer becausef the t that dave petraeus has done, and my maiain hope right w he and his family are a a that th on being a single side note o
, i'm sure this is the same for the romney team. there is a strategy around every day. every news pusher. what surrogates are saying on top radio. that was very big challeng >> and they're all tweeting. that typically news has. >> let me ask you. it felt at times the conversation was happening in that tiety character space. there was a big campaign going on. there's a turning point. somewhere in the campaign where the conversation over here got it wrongs. there one that you can think of? the convention speech was purposely done in the way it was done. it was not the most exciting speech or the president's race speech. as the most amazing speechlt however it gave the american people a plan and understanding of what he wanted to do moving forward and how and that's why we saw a bump in the polls post and this was kind of a disconnect where we were all on this trip in florida reading all the analysis and it all said this is terrible. horrendous and all these things and we were thinking, well we tested it and people really like speech. they like what he had to say and that ended up th
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. >>> declaraciones de romney en el sentido que los hispanos votaron por el presidente obama por regalos y una supuesta amnistÍa que le habia dado el presidente obama a estudiantes indocumentados ¿cual es su opiniÓn?. >>> a mi me dejÓ sorprendido, me dejÓ sorprendido su comentario. yo no sÉ por que tiene que decir eso, yo creo que mitt romney perdiÓ por la extrema derecha del partido y Él desafortuna desafortunadamente siguiÓ la extrema derecha del partido en la primarias y no pudo salirse de lo que dijo en las primerass en la elecciÓn general. estos comentarios de regalos a nuestra gente me ha dejado sorprendido, perdimos jorge porque la extrema derecha domina el partido y los comentarios de romney implican que todavÍa el partido republicano no entiende como ganar el voto latino. >>> usted dice que no fue por la polÍtica auto inmigrante y no darle oportunidad a todos los inmigrantes. >>> el gobernador romney y le tengo mucho respeto, respeto al seÑor, creo que es una gran persona, pero Él no es el candidato ya y los republicanos con los que he hablado, es increÍble la cantidad
party will show up, the republican party that still believes the romney/ryan math adds up or the other republican party that understands the reality 60% of the american people at least on election day voted to put revenues on the table. that is the big question we have to look at as we look down the road. the president is going to play the long game. he's not going to play for a short-term deal. >> the president denounced the house republicans across this country as obstructionists. the country said, we hear you and they sent him back to continue being a break on the president. and almost every member of john boehner's caucus won his or her seat by a much bigger margin than mr. obama won his renewed term. look, the arithmetic is simple. if you cap at $25,000 the available deductions, you raise $1.2 trillion. a lot of money. if you cap at 50,000, you raise about as much upon as you would letting the bush tax rates expire. i don't think that's a problem. you showed the clip of patty murray saying as a negotiating ploy go off the cliff. let me give you another theory. for 40 years the dem
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people did other choices in the presidential election, with the president's vision and mitt romney's vision and part of that romney with the idea to leave the rich alone and integral to the president let's not do that, got elected. you could make an argument that taxes going up on the rich and so be it, but this other stuff with the new spending, new stimulus, new jobs measures, i don't think that was part of the election? >> well, absolutely impossible. completely impossible to say what, that an issue like fiscal policy won the electio for mr. obama. that's just the most amazing nonsense i've ever heardn my life. but, also, the whole point of the fiscal cliff is it to reduce the deficit. now, you're going to say, we're going to add a deficit? in that case, let's leave taxes low, let's keep spending high, i mean, the whole idea is we've got to stop this out of control deficit, this out of control debt. what senator schumer is proposing is exactly the wrong idea. >> and now entitlements leave them alone and dagen, go on and on and on. >> the argument we need to stimulate growth. you
to president obama has many republicans saying -- romney who? a new buzzfeed article titled why republicans want mitt romney to go away -- historian jack bore told the publication quote romney is now a toxic asset to unload. the only interesting thing left to his story is how to dispose of him. tough words. republicans have buried their playbook along with governor romney. the big question is what will the new playbook look like? joining me is democratic strategist and susan, a republican strategist. you read that, you go, wow. >> ouch. >> how deep is this? is it toxic load, get rid of him, move on? the rga certainly seems to say that. >> first of all, governor romney, his political career was over on election night. he never showed any interest in being a leader for the republican party. >> it's not so much they have to bury limb. >> start appealing to a wider base of voters. it's not tossing him aside, i don't think he was going to be a player. his remarks earlier this week were very unfortunate. it almost gave a platform for this new branding of republicans. and also saying we're going t
tone to romney voters. one, two, me! >> reporter: it's him down to the signature eyebrow and the finger points. >> it's 100% accurate. i'm happy to say down to every freckle, every wrinkle and hair. >> reporter: so you have an idea where he is in the museum, that is him over there down the hallway. oprah, katie couric, al roker. this is larry king and one of larry king's groupies. >> what does it look like to be ith me? [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was raised in south carolina but born in washington. so, he said he enjoys visiting d.c. >> reminds me of my infancy. >> a lot of spitting up? >> and a lot of infantile behavior. >> reporter: he said his kids will visit the wax museum. will it freak them out? >> of course, it freaks me out. >> reporter: when asked if he has a message for congress. >> are they distill -- they're still here? >> they still here. >> all of them? >> okay. >> reporter: speaking of shirking responsibilities. >> this old fill so going to come in to handy the next time i'm called to jury duty. >> reporter: he enjoyed being graced by his own presence. >> um, um. [ laug
-up conversation with a man who led mitt romney's outreach to latinos. >>> plus, the politics of scandal. the jackie calmes of the "new york times" and jerry seib and cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." >>> good morning from washington. with all the intrigue of a bond film, i stealthy general david petraeus arrive and left capitol hill. behind closed doors they heard him. >> his testimony today was that from the start he had told us that this was a terrorist attack. >> it was testimony that seemed to challenge white house explanations of who knew what when about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans. joining me is missouri senator roy blunt and mare marry congressman doug coopersburger. thank you for joining us. let's start off with the last point, and that is when you all listened to general petraeus, was he saying something different than the white house was saying in the days after benghazi about what it was, what the attack was about? sfoo well, when he came before our committee, he said really
and governor romney. 97% of small businesses are spared with a $250,000 limit in terms of tax increases. what we're talking about are people making a lot of money, lawyers and investment bankers and those who are in subchapter s corporations on who can pay more for goodness sakes. if it means moving the economy forward. it's time to take these old arguments and set them over here and talk about a new day, a new approach. that's what the election is all about. >> senator durbin, congressman price, thank you both for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks, candy. >> thank you. >>> next, he was chairman of mitt romney's hispanic steering committee, but carlos gutierrez has some tough talk for his party when it comes to immigration reform. >> if we get it wrong, shame on us. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save
, co-chair of the mitt romney's presidential campaign and now the new president and ceo of the financial roundtable. >> i am delighted to be here. >> it is great to see you. you have now been at the financial services roundtable for a few weeks. what are you hearing from some of your members about the upcoming fiscal cliff? is there optimism or are you sensing there is a sense of alarm? guest: members are concerned about the fiscal cliff. the cbo said if it is not sold -- salt i timely management, they said unemployment would go up. business leaders and people across the country want this problem solved. >> the issues we are talking about are the same issues we have seen over the last couple of years between this congress and the white house over taxes and spending. it is more or less the same debate. is there anything different at this point? as the election change the calculation? guest: it is discussions with a deadline so that is the difference. we actually have a hard deadline and has to be moved or severe consequences will be set in. i hope they can get something d
, un super pack con la persona que creo el pack mÁs grande de romney, 160 millones de dÓlares, que se a va a llamar republicanos para forma migratoria. >>> esto es una noticia importante. >>> correcto, vamos a poner dinero pero podemos sacar un anuncio apoyando a un candidato que apoye a la reforma. >>> republicano. >>> o sea que republicanos que no apoyen la reforma migratoria no tendrÁn nuestro apoyo y es posible que el contrincante de ese republicano tenga nuestro apoyo, no me gusta hacerlo, es crear una especie de pelea entre el partido, pero lo tenemos que hacer porque es una reforma el partido se tiene que reformar, no podemos ser un partido de crecimiento si no somos un partido de inmigraciÓn, y estamos hablando de la legalizaciÓn de las personas que han venido a trabajar y que han trabajado con su alma y lo del dream act y todo lo demÁs y el futuro. ¿quÉ vamos a hacer en el futuro?. nos faltan enfermeras en este paÍs, nos faltan personas en transporte y lo lifgÍstica, nos faltan personas en agricultura, manufactur manufactura, cada aÑo hay que traer inmigrantes, con e
to campaign rhetoric, do you think one side -- that's a bonus the more likely than romney to solve any of the problems you're bringing up? >> guest: the coverage has nothing to do with what is really going on here at all. i mean, first of all the ronnie ryan plan would eliminate taxes on capital. romney would for everybody who has more than $12.5 billion above. a few people above that would still be taxed. that's a system that says to let the already rich tax-free and put all the consumption and labor. we're going to further the policy with shifting things down it would lead to wealth any situation where the entrepreneurial spirit is stalled until it has the newcomer, the guy who grew up like i do without money and makes the economy grow, not the person who grew up the silver spoon spoon in their mouth would become like 18th century france in your economics were determined by who you picked is your parents and i may not sound as absurd as it does, your gender in your birth order. if your first footnote to an already wealthy family, too bad for you. obama is the most business friendly p
scott walker, the new vice chair of the rga, gentlemen, this week, mitt romney, in a conference call with big donors, attributed his defeat to president obama, giving out gifts to minorities and young people, governor jindal, you reacted sharply to that. let's look: >> the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, given extraordinary financial gifts from the government... >> i absolutely reject that notion, that description. >> we have to stop being the stupid party and i mean, we have to stop making stupid comments. >> chris: governor, what was stupid about what romney said? >> well, two things. first, governor romney is an honorable and exceptional man and i'm proud to have campaigned for him across the country but a absolutely reject what he said. we as the republican party have to campaign for every vote and if we want people to like us we have to like them first, and, you don't start to like people by insulting them and saying their votes were bought. we are an aspirational party and, we as a republican party, believe our conservative principle
. >> okay. switching gears now. republicans are blasting mitt romney for his gifts comment, saying president obama won because he gave huge gifts to key groups like african-americans, hispanics and young voters. >> this is not where the republican party needs to go. look, we want -- if you want ters to like you, the first thing you've got to do is to like them first. and it is certainly not helpful to tell voters that you think their votes were bought. that's certainly not a way to show you respect them and like them. >> i just think it's nuts. i mean, first of all, it's insulting. this would be like walmart having a bad week and going the customers have really been unru unruly. the job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. if we can't offer a better future that is believable to more people we're not going to win. >> i mean, we've got to give our political organizational activity, you know, a very serious proctology exam. i think that's the only -- we need to look everywhere. >> and so as the gop grapples with the election loss, are they scapegoating romney or searching
, the new advice chair. this week mitt romney in a conference call with big donors attributed his defeat to president obama giving out gifts to minorities and young people. governor jindal, you reacted very sharply to that. let's take a look. >> the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. >> i absolutely reject that notion, that description. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. what i mean by that, we have to stop making stupid comments. >> governor, what was stupid about what romney said? >> well, two things. first, gov. romney is an honorable and exceptional man. i'm proud to campaign for him across this country but i absolutely project what he said. we as a republican party have to campaign for every single vote. if we want people to like us, we have to like them first. you don't start to like people by insulting them by saying their votes were bought. let the democratic party say -- we believe our print pells are good for every voter. we are going to vince and fight for every sin
forgotten, the election seems like a long way in the past for some of us, but mitt romney tried to make an issue of benghazi in the hours after the attack. he jumped on the administration before we knew that four americans had been killed and that obviously backfired on him. because the information was still coming out about what happened and how deep the tragedy was. and then in the foreign policy debate, the second debate he tried to make benghazi an issue by claiming that the president hadn't called it a terrorist attack when he had used the word in his rose garden press availability on the issue. that, too, backfired. it's interesting, too, in the days following that he stopped -- mitt romney stopped talking about it. i think that is a reflection of the fact that it was an issue that wasn't working for him. and that might be a cautionary tale for the republicans who are pursuing this today. >> i think he stopped talking about it after the debate when he was called out on it. john, we have the president in thailand today asked about reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. here's w
not be a politic issue so the president, again, the olitics of for country. lou: it's pretty clear that mitt romney made a tremendous mistake in not taking the initiative on benghazi, despite all that occurred in the debate. he had every pportuty in the third debate to rive that issue for work and did not. >> he absoluty did. my colleague and i made that same point before the election. we said, if he did not do it he would not be president. he didn't do it. he is a president. you can't bear to be cautious in politics, especially in the most especially when you have the facts in your side. lou: a lot of the folks said that this docile lap dog liberal national media would oy have taken up the issue had governor romney done so. and, of course, that's history. no sense mopping yarborough's with it here tonight to ut the fact is there is some much there that the national media has not gone after that the republican party has not gone after. this white house has refused to bestraightforward. obviously running of the clock is the expression. >> right. lou: and one of e few things that is transparent about
similar to what governor romney talked b let's cap expenditures or deductions to increase revenue and focus on spending. >> mike: his plan called for a 50,000 cap you can take reductions whether it was charity, business deduction, but you had up to $50,000 above that you weren't going to get the deduction is that the way it works? >> exactly. if we stay focused on the revenue side it makes it look as if there's appearance of win for with the white house. we don't need a win for the white house. we don't need a win for the congress. we need a win for the american people. i ran for congress because i was concerned about the debt and deficit in this country. there's talk about this fiscal cliff, we might have already been over the cliff now we are trying to determine what type of landing we are going to have when we land. is it going to be soft or hard? it can be softer if we do the right things that cause economic growth that put americans back to work and gets control over spending. >> mike: the president has been saying i want to find ways to compromise. is there anything specific
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 83 (some duplicates have been removed)